The Dish on Facebook’s App for iPad

October 12, 2011


The release of the iPad’s Facebook app has finally hushed the tech gossip and rumors. After all, the inevitable coupling of these two popular brands has been whispered about for months. 

There was false hype that Facebook would  release its app in July, than later that it would launch in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 4S. Sadly, the rumors were (gasp!) untrue. But finally the app solidifying Apple’s relationship with the social media giant was made Facebook official yesterday.

According to Mashable, the app is “designed primarily as a consumption experience. ” It plays to the platform’s visual strengths with large photo and video displays. Both can be viewed in full-screen so you can see every last detail. This move makes sense as Read Write Web reports that Facebook is the world’s largest photo sharing network. 

Not only can users enjoy viewing photos and videos on a new level, but the app encourages more intuitive interaction with its features. The New York Times notes one can pinch to zoom in or out of a photo or swipe across the screen to scan a series of albums. ‘Streamlined’ felt like an understatement as I sifted through photos in the app.

Perhaps these actions may redefine ‘clicking’ as a thing of the past, ridding users of that cumbersome mouse which only serves to separate users from their screens. But then, I could be getting ahead of myself...

Finally, Facebook introduces a more savvy map onto which users can check-in their current locations. The person’s profile picture pops up on a pin and can be positioned anywhere in the world. While initially I thought this feature verged on the side of TMI, my experience playing with it may have changed my mind. How cool is it that I can know exactly where my dear friend in Boston is by simply pressing her name on the list of check-ins? Plus, I’m sure the gossip hungry will be happy to know the latest... at least for now.