Sochi Wolf Video Turns Out To Be Jimmy Kimmel Prank

By Nathan Giannini | September 27, 2012



Jimmy Kimmel is at it again... You might have seen this video claiming to show a wolf wandering the halls of the athletes' dorm in Sochi.


The Internet went a bit nuts over the video, trying to figure out if it was really a wolf or just a large dog — like a malamute or husky. As crazy as it sounded, it was definitely believable. We'd all heard stories about the hundreds of stray dogs wandering the streets. And it was posted by U.S. luger Kate Hansen of crazy pre-race dance fame.


But Thursday night, Hansen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live via Skype and spoiled the fantasy. One thing to add though — it WAS a real wolf, just a fake hallway.


This of course isn't Kimmel's first famous fakeout. The late night host fooled millions of people with this video of "The worst twerk fail EVER."


So now Kimmel's cried wolf (I'm really sorry...) twice, will you ever be able to watch a viral video the same way?