Show Me Your Sources

February 17, 2009
Lately the blogosphere is buzzing about Wall Street Journal managing editor Robert Thompson's complaint that Google devalues everything. I agree with TechDirt's Mike Masnick who argues that Google does precisely the opposite: It adds value.
Here's a quote from Masnick's insightful rebuttal: "Google doesn't devalue things it touches. It increases their value by making them easier to find and access. Google increases your audience as a content creator, which is the most important asset you have." Similarly, provides users access to sources that they would not have discovered on their own. And because every story we produce creates two links back to the featured sources - one in the transcript and the other in the main title of the story - we are increasing the audience for the content creator. Yesterday's story, Climate Change "Exceeds Predictions
" features sources like NDTV and ITN that are not on most Americans' radar screens. What other sources should we be following? We'd love to hear your feedback.