Releases New Version of iPhone App

December 7, 2009

Download URL for new version of the Newsy App in the iTunes Store:


Version 1.5 of the Newsy app enhances user experience for watching multi-source online video news on the go

Columbia, MO - December 7, 2009 - Newsy, a multi-source video news service producing daily videos for web and mobile devices, today debuted a new version of its popular free iPhone app that deepens and enhances news consumption for mobile users. Newsy is the only news service that analyzes the nuances in how a story is being reported by various news organizations around the world.

Version 1.5 of the app features a 'Sources' button that enables easy access to the specific news stories analyzed in a Newsy video - with just a click, users seamlessly are connected to story-level pages so they can further research the topics that matter most to them.

"Users love Newsy because they discover sources and perspectives that they would not find on their own," President Jim Spencer explains. "The functionality of the app's new version furthers our commitment to offer quick video news analysis on the go - users can easily dig deeper into the sources they find most relevant."

In the new version of the app, once a video completes playing, a 'Sources' button appears next to the 'Share' and 'Comment' buttons. As with the first version of the app, user comments made via iPhones and iTouches are synced instantaneously with the website.

Version 1.0 of the Newsy app, released in September 2009, quickly ascended the list of free news apps in the App Store. The only online video news app of its kind, the elegant solution allows users to browse videos with the gravity scroll or search specifically with keywords.

A news analyzer, not a news aggregator, offers context with convenience -- in 2 to 3 minutes, users understand the nuances in news coverage.

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