in the News!

November 5, 2009
Yesterday, we announced the hiring of's new VP of Editorial, Pam Maples, and new Editorial Advisor, Jim Flink. The reaction from the press and public has been astounding - it speaks to the reputation of these remarkable professionals and to the opportunity at Journalism sites, national press and local press all featured the news; an article in the world's most popular tech blog, TechCrunch, included this quote: "I wasn't joking when I wrote Newsy has one of the best iPhone apps for news consumption on the go. But the startup is more than just about mobile applications: it's on a mission to build a solid news destination site that collects and analyzes perspectives from multiple sources and wraps these views into snack-sized videos. Keep your eyes on this one - and you can take that literally." To catch up on the latest Newsy buzz, click on the links below: