Newsy Making News With Full-Length Newscast on Net2TV’s Portico TV Service

By Alexandra Wharton | June 27, 2013

(BusinessWire) June 27, 2013Net2TV Corporation is teaming up with Newsy, the leading independent online and mobile video news service, to deliver a television newscast on its free, cloud-based Portico TV service. The 30-minute “Newsy in 30” program will feature world and domestic news, politics, science, health, entertainment and sports. The program will be updated several times each day as news stories break. “Newsy in 30” is available exclusively on the Portico TV service and can be accessed on Philips Smart TVs and Roku devices beginning in July.

Newsy delivers the news through multisource videos that typically are two minutes in length. Under this agreement, Net2TV’s production team will curate the videos and package them into a full 30-minute “Newsy in 30” program.

“We’ve built a loyal audience with our engaging videos that highlight unique perspectives from across the media spectrum,” said Jim Spencer, president of Newsy. “The ‘Newsy in 30’ newscast on Portico TV now lets us offer a curated, 30-minute news program in an easy-to-consume format. Unlike some television newscasts, Newsy's videos summarize how a story is covered by various media outlets so viewers can form their own opinion.”

“The news category is an important addition to our Portico programming,” said Tom Morgan, CEO of Net2TV. “Just like traditional TV viewers, connected-TV viewers crave fresh, relevant news programming that brings them the top stories of the day in a thorough and timely manner. We’re proud to have ‘Newsy in 30’ as our premiere news program provider.”

Net2TV’s cloud-based Portico TV service delivers free, traditional program-length shows. The company works with established media brands and emerging program producers who have good-quality, short-form pieces, and with independent film and documentary producers. The company curates these pieces and packages them into full 30-, 60-, or 90-minute television programs for Internet-connected TVs.

For example, Net2TV’s Portico TV service carries online TV programming from Discovery’s Revision3 and CBS Interactive’s, from traditional print media brands including Bonnier’s Popular Science, and from emerging brands like CINEQUEST films. Portico programming is updated daily, and new types of entertainment and special-interest programming will be added in the future.

About Newsy

Promising to make you smarter, faster, Newsy is a multisource video news service that highlights unique perspectives from across the media spectrum - offering a broader view in a concise format. Through engaging video new bites available on the web and mobile devices, Newsy provides you what you need to know about the day’s events. Newsy has won two Appy Awards, a Davey Award and a W3 Award. Its highly rated free apps are available to download from iTunes, Google Play, the Windows Phone Marketplace and the Nokia Store.

About Net2TV

Net2TV Corporation is a connected-TV media company that delivers free, cloud-based, ad-supported programming on its Portico TV service. The company is headed by industry veterans from MTV/Nickelodeon, Black Arrow, NBC, TiVo and Netflix.

Net2TV was started in May 2012, and launched Portico in December 2012 on Philips Smart TVs (2011 models and later) in the U.S. In late July 2013 it will also be available on Roku streaming devices. For more information about the Redwood City, Calif.-based company, visit

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