Want Multi-Source Mobile News? There's an App for That.

October 14, 2009

Yesterday, Apple started featuring the Newsy app in the 'New and Noteworthy' section of the App Store. During the day, the�Newsy app climbed the Free Apps list in the News category - - currently the Newsy.com app is ranked # 5 �-�ahead of The Time, WSJ and Huffington�Post apps!

The buzz has been extraordinary -- thousands of people are downloading the apps, it has a three star ratings (beating out other news apps like MSNBC's and NPR's) and�reviews of the app have been stellar.

Over the past year, we've been thrilled at how well we timed the launching of Newsy.com with a couple of key trends - 1) the growing perception of a bias in the news and 2) the increasing demand for online video.

Now we're ecstatic that the Newsy�app is clearly meeting the demand for news content on mobile devices. On Friday, in Diane Mermigas' article 'Mobile: The New Mass Medium',�she discusses consumers' 24/7 love affair with wireless mobile devices and highlights the thirst for news content:

"The number of Americans using mobile devices to access news�and other information doubled from 2008 to 22.4 million as enterprise workers perform functions on mobile devices that were formerly reserved for laptops, according to comScore. A survey of 300 Bostonians conducted for Samsung reveals that one-third would rather forgo sex for a entire year than give up their cell phones for that amount of time."