Mobile: The Final Frontier For News Consumption?

February 9, 2011
In addition to increasing demand for video, another trend relevant to Newsy's strategy is how users consume news. One of the most dramatic trends is the shift from desktop to mobile consumption. Smartphones continue to rapidly grow in popularity. It's becoming more and more paramount for news outlets to recognize their consumers' needs for on-the-go news. Patrick Mork, a contributor to MediaShift points out that mobile users are "impulse users." 'Smartphone owners actively seek out bits of news throughout the day. While some users are willing to spend time on longer reads, the majority are still looking for the latest, bite-sized chunks of news.' This demand for 'bite-sized chunks of news' fits perfectly into Newsy's model, which provides users with those bites as well as 'impulse users' the ability to watch news videos wherever they want. Whether it is on iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, Newsy apps work for any user's viewing preference. In an interview with, Howcast founder Sanjay Raman emphasizes that online video needs to be able to reach consumers at any place, any time. "Media consumption is starting to shift from desktop to mobile environments. A lot of video consumption is happening on these mobile devices 'cause they're always on, always connected, always at your fingertips whether you're traveling or on a bus or whatnot." Demand for mobile news explains the growth in news apps such as Pulse, which collects the top stories from a user's favorite sites and combines them into one text story. Mork writes: "Considering the mobile users' need for speed, news apps like Pulse save consumers not only the time it takes to visit each site separately, but also the time it takes to read full articles." Of course, a similar value proposition is offered by Newsy - except we offer it video format. A article entitled 'The Golden Age of Video News Is Now' explains that mobile usage is helping to drive demand for video news content: "The emergence of the Web, social media and mobile as video-rich environments has powered video news consumption in extraordinary ways." Remarkably had 158 million video views ... just in the month of January alone. Overseas, the demand for online video also reigns supreme as French Telecom is in talks to purchase 49% of the video-sharing website, Daily Motion. The reason? Video content is king. "The deal with Dailymotion, the world's second-largest online video site, will help France Telecom meet the sharp rise in customer's video consumption across various platforms, including 3G, WiFi and Internet."