Killer Mass Market News Brand

February 24, 2009
Two of the sworn enemies of the media business agree on one thing: there is too much news. To even try to consume it, news needs to be "sifted," "sorted," "filtered" and "curated." Both Tina Brown and Michael Wolff use these buzzwords when they describe their news startups, The Daily Beast and, respectively. Wolff says that the real value in a world of infinite information is sorting and filtering and Brown described her venture as curated content, typified by the interpretive scoop. In this recent post on AlwaysOn, ,'s Steve Rosenbaum quotes Wolff as saying that "There is no killer mass market news brand. No network news replacement. No trusted online paper. Nobody has yet to unlock the two key elements of general interest news -- an efficient and entertaining experience -- and combine them with all the new functionality of digital delivery." meets this description perfectly. Stay tuned for a new site design in the coming weeks - it's based on our users' feedback.