Kill Your Television

September 22, 2010

If you haven't read it yet, RWW recently interviewed Newsy Founder Jim Spencer as a part of its series on web innovation. In the interview Spencer talked about Newsy's foray into Internet TV, an emerging platform that is already being capitalized on by companies like Apple and Google. Both of these companies already has, or is in the process of developing devices that would stream the Internet on to your television.


The Huffington Post offers a comparison between emerging and established Internet TV services and Google TV and Boxee are the most compelling to me. Google TV is partnering with Sony to embed the service in televisions and "integrates directly with current cable and satellite streams." It works with the existing infrastructure to create a model that mirrors the existing Smartphone market. A wise move.


Combine that with Google's existing infrastructure and it has the highest potential to maximize the platform's opportunities. If the device allowed data storage, email, superior search and streaming Hulu, I'm in.


Meanwhile Apple is trying to tap into its brand loyal consumer base and essentially up-sell them on things they've already purchased on other devices. Honestly, it seems like Apple TV is a glorified TiVo with tricked up tech and better design. Apple got burned in this market years ago because the market wasn't ready for the concept behind the technology, and now that there are consumers for the devices they've done the one thing they never do. They've fallen behind.


My favorite option is Boxee, I don't think it will win out in the market but I think it's the best idea. Rather than offer a box, Boxee uses software that works with Apple TV or your computer and allows you to stream ANYTHING you download from the Internet -- basically, Boxee jailbreaks your AppleTV.


In my next post, I'll discuss the implications for advertising posed by Internet TV.