August 24, 2010

ComScore reports that in July Facebook had the third highest number of overall viewing sessions in America. This should come as no surprise to Facebook users - chances are there is a video link on your profile right now - something interesting or funny that a friend of yours thought you might enjoy.

People are more likely to take a suggestion from a trusted source. Think about it, for movies, music and restaurants, we value a recommendation from our peers over an advertisement. 'Word-of-web advertising,' based on the same idea as 'word-of-mouth advertising,' is extremely effective, and Facebook is built entirely upon this concept. The affinity formed by getting relevant and vetted information makes the impact of that information more meaningful, which invites greater levels of interactivity.

According to TechCrunch, "On average, people who click on a video from Facebook are more engaged. They tend to watch longer than viewers who arrive from other sources 1:45 minutes per view versus 1:32 for Google." Ads, as well, are more effective, engaging and more likely to be watched on Facebook. These stats underscore how essential the social networking site is to video marketers.

Newsy leverages Facebook in a number of ways: Through Facebook Connect, users can post stories on their profiles, and comment on and 'Like' Newsy videos. The Newsy page on Facebook allows us to deliver Newsy videos and company news to our fans' newsfeeds several times a day.

We also promote Newsy videos via Facebook Ads, which allow you to target users based on their preferences, the groups they join and the things they 'like.' It offers a number of options; you can segment by demographics, schedule ads according to your preferred daypart, geography and a number of other customizable inputs. Setting a daily budget contains costs - campaigns automatically end when a budget is met.