Journalism Schools and Doing What You Know Best

May 5, 2009
Jackie Hai recently wrote an interesting entry in her blog Convergence Commons about how journalism schools should apply the basic theory behind link journalism 'do what you know best, and link to the rest' on teaching the craft of journalism and its fundamentals (techniques, tools, etc). She proposes that schools should "link out" to peripheral knowledge bases (business/advertising, information technology, programming), which could be accomplished by sending students to other schools and organizations within the university system. The partnership between the Missouri School of Journalism and offers students a chance to not just learn, but also practice, online video and new media skills in an entrepreneurial environment. 'Learning by doing' is a well-proven method of education and has been a long-standing practice at Missouri (a.k.a. 'the Missouri Method'). Adding to Missouri's TV station, radio station and newspaper, offers Missouri a digital newsroom where students learn techniques by practicing them. That digital newsroom work experience is complemented with editorial and audience development classes taught by the management team.
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