Jimmy Kimmel, Kanye West get into bizarre Twitter feud

By Nathan Giannini | September 27, 2012



Kanye West went a little off the rails Thursday night, launching an ALL CAPS TWITTER TIRADE AGAINST LATE NIGHT HOST JIMMY KIMMEL. 


The rapper was reportedly upset about a bit from Wednesday's show where Kimmel used child actors to spoof Kanye's interview with the BBC.



Kimmel even revealed Thursday night that Kanye had called him before the show and said he wanted Kimmel to publicy apologize. He assured viewers it wasn't a prank (he has been known to pull those before...), and we believe him. For some reason, Kanye doesn't seem like the prankster type...



Newsy entertainment writer extraordinaire Lauren Zima is working on a video on this, check Newsy.com in about 45 minutes for the full story!


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