iPhone's App Is a Hit - Multiple Sources Say So

October 9, 2009
The news last week that our iPhone app is now available for downloads from the iTunes App Store made quite a splash.
On Twitter, the news was tweeted heavily by people all around the globe - including industry influencers like�Nieman Labs,�The Globe and Mail's Mathew Ingram and MediaBistro.
The app is being downloaded at a fast clip and reviews of the app have been nothing but positive at a range of�mobile, tech and app review sites - the site iPhone News Updated highlighted Newsy's cool user interface and low cost (FREE!).
The announcement prompted�Wired to write an�article about Newsy.com that positions us a fix for "broken news" - offering�news junkies a better understanding of "what they may already think they know well by seeing it though a different prism."
Download the app today and tell us what you think!