iOS 7: What’s Different About Apple’s New Operating System?

September 23, 2013

The most talked about company this week? That would be Apple, hands down.


Apple released the highly-anticipated iOS 7 Wednesday along with two new phones Friday, sending the tech world into a frenzy.


So what’s so different about the new operating system and why are users going crazy over it?


The major difference you’ll notice is the look and feel. iOS 7 is “flatter” than iOS 6 and previous systems. “The visual overhaul is a clean sweep that changes absolutely everything, from the typography and color schemes to the typical icon and button shape across the entire platform. And we mean the whole thing -- from the Safari browser to the photo app,” CNet reports.


Users aren’t all happy with the change though, but that’s not stopping the downloads. Apple’s iOS 7 is said to have had an adoption rate of 30 percent in the first 24 hours after its launch. According to SlashGear this was the highest adoption rate ever for an iOS upgrade.


However, social addicts should be thrilled. The speed, performance, and efficiency of the new iOS 7, alongside Apple’s new phones is said to be prime for social apps. More users are posting videos and pictures online and with the increasing number of social media apps, this could be a huge advantage for iOS 7.


Apple has integrated more social aspects making sharing easier. And it wouldn’t be surprising if more apps were integrated in the near future.


iOS 7 is different and something that takes some getting used to, but overall it seems to have been a success for Apple, making its old iPhones feel like a whole new phone.


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