Introducing Pinalytics

March 15, 2013


It hasn’t been easy for marketers to track their success on Pinterest, that is until now. Pinterest released it’s new feature, web analytics, Tuesday morning.

This release could potentially help the site generate revenue very soon. Users and businesses are beginning to see more services released the site could eventually charge for. For now the tool is free “with the main aim being ‘help pinners see what content is resonating best on Pinterest”’ according to Tech Crunch.

With Pinterest being one of the fastest growing social media sites it makes sense  Pinterest is focusing on monetizing itself. This new analytics service will challenge the current third-party sites such as Pinfluencer and Curalate which offer analytics already. Currently the service does not pose as a threat to these sites, but it could motivate users who have never looked at their account’s site engagement before.

How do you even see these analytics?
1. Log in to your verified business account.
2. In the drop down menu “change to the new look”
3. In the new drop down menu select “analytics”
4. Review your analytics.

It’s that simple. You will see different tabs available at the top of the charts. The Metrics tab will show you graphs of your data. The blue line indicates actions and the orange line indicates the number of people who have performed that action. “By clicking on any of the tabs (most recent, most repinned, most clicked) you’re taken to a view of your board(s) and shown the images themselves that are most active or popular. Any individual pin can be clicked for additional metrics/insights.” (Marketing Land)

So Why Does This Matter?

This creates a huge advantage for users, business related or not. By being able to determine what content draws in followers, clicks, and repins, you are able to specify what works well for your site. The introduction of an analytics service could also mean advertising is soon to follow or even a fee for businesses to use its site. So, look out Facebook and Twitter, as Pinterest continues to roll out new features it continues to be the social media site to watch.
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