Introducing Newsy Phone: Dial (636) 243-0841 for the Latest Stories

April 1, 2013


COLUMBIA, MO. — Newsy, the leader in online-only video news, announced today Newsy Phone, an innovative mobile product designed to deliver the latest news to handsets around the world, regardless of device or operating system.

“We believe the future of news is in mobile,” said Jim Spencer, president. “We live in an age of mobile apps and sites, and it’s time we looked beyond that. And sometimes to look forward, we have to look back.”

Newsy Phone is just the latest offering from Newsy, a company known for delivering award-winning mobile apps and news.  Users can dial a simple phone number to receive all of the latest news—directly on their handset.

“In history, there have been truly remarkable phone numbers,” said Alex Wharton, VP of Marketing. “Jenny and her 867 prefix, or Sir Mix-A-Lot’s easy to remember 900-number. We want to be etched in the minds of millions as well.”

Users who dial (636) 243-0841are greeted by the latest voice-replication software and a menu of the latest news and news analysis. Selecting an option presents the user with crisp, near-high definition audio streams—the same stories found on the Newsy website or apps.

“We believe the next step is interactive storytelling, and we believe touch tone will get us there,” said Spencer.