Guillermo del Toro Directs 'The Simpsons' Intro

By Nathan Giannini | September 27, 2012



You guys, did you know The Simpsons was still a thing? The show is currently in the middle of its 25TH SEASON, making it the longest-running scripted show in television history. 

So yeah, it's still a thing and will probably STILL be a thing when we're all old and gray. The show's annual Treehouse of Horror episode is set to air this Sunday and it has a very special open.
Mexican director Guillermo del Toro directed the almost-three minute intro and it's pretty epic. It's packed full of horror movie references, as well as some to his own films (including Pan's Labyrinth and Blade II). 
According to Entertainment Weekly, del Toro is a HUGE Simpsons fanboy. "Not only did he slip a few homages to The Simpsons in Hellboy … he has a room in his house that’s brimming with Simpsons memorabilia."