From New York To New Haven, Long Island Teen Takes Pick of Ivies

By Nathan Giannini | September 27, 2012



Kwasi Enin, the Long Island teen who recently made you feel really bad about your life by getting into ALL EIGHT Ivy League colleges, made his college choice Thursday.


In a packed auditorium at his high school, Enin announced to a bank of TV cameras that he’ll be attending Yale University in the fall, where he plans to study medicine and become a doctor.


Enin told reporters he was blown away during a recent by Yale’s commitment to music, as well as the financial aid package the university offered.


According to Gawker: “Enin, a first-generation Ghanian-American, took 11 AP classes in high school while playing violin, singing in an a cappella group and volunteering at a hospital's radiology department.”


Enin was also accepted to Duke and three SUNY institutions. And he got a 2250 out of 2400 on his SATs, which would place him in roughly the 98th percentile. So yeah, he’s pretty smart.