Focus on Value - Not Business Models

September 22, 2009

In an article for the fall edition of Nieman Reports, 'Let's Talk: Journalism and Social Media',RJI Fellow Michael Skoler questions the notion that the Internet is to blame for journalism's lost business model. He asserts that journalism began losing its value when it started to become less relevant a few decades ago. The connection journalists had to their communities diminished once news conglomerates took over local papers and stations and cut on-the-ground reporters.

Skoler believes discussions about saving the future of journalism should not be about finding a new business model - the focus should be on how to make news more valuable. After all, peopleonly pay for what has obvious value to them - as Skoler puts it - "every good business plan starts by explaining how it creates value for the customer."

The Economist and The Week are two of today's more successful media outlets. The value these magazines offeris not only in the smart analysis of everything they consider worth knowing - but also in the smart packaging. Smart analysis and smart packaging overlap very closely with Newsy's vision and goals.

Newsy offers value to consumers by providing analysis on a variety of sources and perspectives in short video clips - we blend context with convenience.