Employer Responds to Girl from Viral 'I Quit' Video

By Nathan Giannini | September 27, 2012



I'm sure the majority of you fine net-savvy folks have seen the video of a 25-year-old Marina Shifrin interpretive-dancing her way out of a job, set to the melodic notes of Kanye West's 'Gone.'


Well, it didn't take her employers, Taiwan-based company Next Media Animation of crazy-animated-news-video fame, to respond. Check out the video above for their parody of Shifrin's original video. 


Mark Simon, the man who hired Shifrin, also sent an email to Gawker, which the site published in full. He hung out in the comments for a while to answer questions readers had about Shifrin or the company. It's a good read if you have a few minutes. Simon is pretty honest in his comments and comes across as pretty likable. He manages to see both his company and Shifrin's side of things and even says she was "a joy in the office for [the] most part."


Newsy is currently working on something a little deeper on this. Check back in a bit for more details.