Election Time! How Two Big Time News Brands Are Getting Ready for Election 2012

By Min Hee Kim | August 8, 2012

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As the election 2012 is coming up, candidates are getting busier with preparation. They are not the only ones - two mainstream news media, The New York Times and Bloomberg, are also preparing for the election 2012 in their own unique ways.

On Tuesday, Bloomberg.com announced the launch of a new politics page featuring top stories on elections, The White House, Congress and daily video commentary as well as the launch of a “Political Capital” blog, which focuses on “The Currency of Government.”

Bloomberg’s new page and blog features are visual. Features include:
1. “In the Hunt,” a daily video blog with commentary from Al Hunt, a Washington editor for Bloomberg News and a host of the weekly show "Political Capital with Al Hunt" on Bloomberg TV.
2.     “State of the States,” an interactive map using data from the Bloomberg Economic Evaluation of States on overall economic health of the nation from year 1995 to 2012.
3.     “Bloomberg by the Numbers,” a daily feature on the most important number in politics and its importance.

While Bloomberg aim is to include infographics, videos to deliver data, news and analytics that are easier to understand and eye catching, the New York Times is taking a different route.

The New York Times is launching a third Tumblr blog, The Agenda, “focused on key issues leading up to the presidential election in November.” The Agenda is completely different from the New York Time, T Magazine and Morgue.
1.     The Agenda is integrated into the news site.
2.     The Agenda does not contain “Tumblr” in the URL. 
3.     And most importantly, The Agenda is not image led.

When you hear Tumblr, you might think about a blog with full of images but Alexis Mainland, the New York Times’s social media editor, said the Agenda will be an exception, “It’s actually not visible driven, it’s more driven by ideas and quotes.”

The New York Time decided to launch a Tumblr blog out of all other blog platforms because of Tumblr’s  engaged community. According to Mark Coatney, media evangelist at Tumblr, Tumblr members spend an average of 30 minutes reading posts via the dashboard while non-Tumblr members spend an average of five minutes on a Tumblr web page.

Mainland said, "We are hoping that people re-blog these posts and add their own interesting commentary to them and we can see how this kind of content is impacting the conversation on Tumblr."