Don't Stop Til You Get Enough (video streams)

July 10, 2009
Today's video 'Covering and Smothering Michael Jackson' poses the question: "Did the media give Michael Jackson's death too much coverage?" Indeed, many, many people were glued to their computer screens to watch coverage of Jackson's death. In fact: served up nearly 19 million streams of NBC News' coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial service yesterday, breaking our previous record of the Obama inauguration. says it served up 10.5 million live streams served for the day, second to its inauguration record. To give some context to the "nearly 19 millions streams of NBC News' coverage of Michael Jackson memorial service," here's some stats to noodle: According to , the TV program with the most viewers for the week of June 29 was America's Got Talent - with 13 million. reports: The big three broadcasters bounced back during a big news week that included the death of Michael Jackson. NBC Nightly News won the week averaging 8.4 million Total Viewers and topping 10 million on Thursday night with the Jackson news.'s 19 million streams of Jackson coverage blows these other numbers out of the water. Online video, the chosen platform of, is gaining steam, and fast. It might not be too long before online video outpaces television altogether.