Context Is the New Black

May 2, 2009

As news has become more abundant, its value has decreased. News consumers, especially Generation Y, increasingly get headlines from various sources online with little or no loyalty to any organization. This shift in behavior has challenged traditional media companies' business models and left them scrambling to find a path to profitability.

In his excellent post, 'The Future of News Is Scarcity,' Nic Brisbourne discusses how a basic rule of economics - every abundance creates new scarcities - can be applied to the news business. The rule isgood news for media companies, which are looking for new ways to make money in the 21st Century.

Why? The abundance of has created a new opportunity for providing thought-provoking analysis of multiple sources. Many of today's most interesting and popular stories go beyond just simply reporting what has occurred - they bring in relevant context.

The New York Times experiments with this concept in its sectionsThe Lede and The Opinionator - other successful news websites with this model include The Huffington Post for politics and TechCrunch for technology news. is a trailblazer in offering consumers context with convenience - we're the only online video news site analyzing various news sources and packaging them in one easily digestible package ... because multiple sources help you decide the real story.