Check Out Newsy's Panel at SXSW

By Alexandra Wharton | March 20, 2014

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Newsy President Jim Spencer and Waywire CEO Steve Rosenbaum took to the SXSW stage to enlighten the audience about curation. Topics included some history of curation (it's actually been practiced for decades) - how curation has become mainstream for various industries - and of course some tips for best practices. 


With some newshounds in the audience, curating news for both text and video was discussed. News curation advances the understand of news and offers context with convenience.


With ever increasing news sources, people crave an independent broker to select the best stories and present them in easy-to-consume news bites. By combining the wisdom of human editors and the power of technology, it's possible to deliver richer and smarter news faster than ever. 


Be sure to watch the lively conversation here:;GET-READY-FOR-SXSW-2014