Bringin' MySpace Back

September 28, 2012



He’s already brought sexy back, but can Justin Timberlake bring Myspace back as well?

What was once the largest social networking site in North America is preparing to make a comeback. A video promotion was introduced this week via the new site where potential users can request invitations.

MySpace seems to have taken several popular social media sites and meshed them together. The layout of the site may look strangely familiar, that’s because it looks to be modeled off of the innovative design on Pinterest. In the previews of the site you can see that there will be ways to connect with friends (Facebook), listen to favorite music (old Myspace, Spotify), search for and watch music videos (YouTube), and more.

The “New Myspace” feels to be aimed at a modern ‘hipster’ crowd - it looks to be developing a site more for the creative arts. The site states “So whether you’re a musician, photographer, filmmaker, designer or just a dedicated fan, we’d love for you to be a part of our brand new community.” (

Whether it will be top of the charts or not seems to be debatable. Myspace has tried revamping the site in the past without prevail. The new design looks sleek and promising, but the real concern is will users change over to the new site and will users of other social networking sites leave all that they are used to and convert to the new Myspace? 

“If you break my heart a second time, I might never be the same.” JJAMZ’s song “Heartbeat”, the song in the background of the promotional video, says. Myspace seems to understand that users may be a little weary of the idea of returning to what once was the ‘go-to’ social media site. From the sounds of it, Myspace understands the feelings users have towards the new revamped site.

No fear for Facebook or Twitter however, Myspace allows users to connect using their other social media sites. This is a sign that it will not be competing with the current top two social media sites. With integration between the sites, maybe users will be willing to try out this new community. Myspace isn’t asking users to leave the sites they are already comfortable with, it just asks that they add something new. Will users be willing to give it a go?

JJAMZ continues with “I haven't loved you in a long, long time, so why do I feel this way?” I think we all can agree this describes our feelings towards the new Myspace. What do you think of the new revamp? Will you try it out when launched or will you stick to the old familiar ways of social media?