Beyond the Familiar

June 5, 2010
I gotta agree with AVC Blogger Fred Wilson's explanation of why he prefers web-based browser viewing to using iPad content apps. Wilson's list of app complaints includes the inability to connect to outside content, and being forced to pay for content that is otherwise free online. He's completely right. For the most part, few media outlets are getting past creating digital stand-ins for their print publications. Whether they are mired down with legacy systems or simply lack the imagination for a new platform, they haven't successfully re-invented themselves for the brave new world of mobile. Newsy truly understands how to tap into the potential of mobile devices like iPad. This insight partially accounts for our widespread popularity and success on mobile platforms. Newsy apps are consistently among the most popular, highest rated and most talked about news apps on the market. Newsy's unique and substantive content aside, there's a reason why the brand has repeatedly beat out established news providers in the App Store. Newsy knows what mobile users want, and gives it to them ... for free. Our app is highly regarded because viewers know it's not shovelware - they are watching content specifically designed for on-the-go news consumption. Mobile audiences crave interactivity and customization; they value simple navigation and a familiar interface. These features are why there's an article in The New York Times entitled, "Missouri's Newsy Changes Journalism on the iPad." Viewers can look forward to our upcoming app update, with even more intuitive features, that is based on user feedback. Other brands will eventually catch up to where Newsy started out. But by the time they do, we believe Newsy will already be synonymous with the words "mobile video news." Did I mention that the Newsy iPad app is 100% free? You can download it here