Better ... Stronger .... Faster

By AlexWharton | July 27, 2011

Released this week, version 3.1 of the Newsy iPad app features superb stability, lightening speed, a revamped landscape menu and lower memory usage.

Find out why the Newsy iPad app recently garnered a positive review in MacWorld and won the 2011 Appy Award for best news app!  Download it for free today. 

Tablets on the Rise

Newsy is closely watching the sales forecasts for tablets and e-readers. Back in April, Gartner Research predicted that the iPad would make up the majority of worldwide tablet sales for the next three to four years. 

However, several tablets like the Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Xoom and HP Touchpad could provide Apple with some competition in terms of features, network options and accessibility.

Why has Sports Illustrated tackled each tablet, producing interactive editions of its magazine every single week? To provide its readers access in the most convenient form to them - whether its print, web, mobile or tablets.

So far, this colossal effort is paying off for Sports Illustrated. Mashable reports that its digital revenue was up 22% between 2009 and 2010 and is on track for double-digit growth again this year. "Other magazines that were quick to adopt the iPad, such as Wired, have reported similar gains in digital revenue since launching iPad editions," writes Lauren Idvik.