Apple Profiles in Education: MU School of Journalism and Newsy

August 9, 2011


"The Mac can really transform how we teach journalism in this country."


The above quote from Brian Brooks, associate dean of the Missouri School of Journalism was pulled from Apple's recent profile on the University of Missouri. Famous for the 'Missouri Method,’ which can simply be described as 'learn by doing,' the Missouri School of Journalsim has long been thought of as the best journalism school in the nation.


Unlike other institutions, Missouri J-students are required to actively work in their chosen field as part of their coursework. In the past this has meant working for the local newspaper the Missourian, Columbia Missouri's weekly magazine the VOX, or the local broadcast station KOMU.  In an age where digital content is king, this now includes working for Newsy - the only practical convergence journalism lab in the country.


With the help of Apple technology, students are an integral part of the creation, production, and distribution of Newsy content.  As a result of Newsy's partnership with the University, students have the opportunity to work in a digital newsroom and play a role in determining what digital news should look like. Newsy has been called the 'future of mobile news' not just by virtue of the fact that it is digital but also because of our unique multisource format.


MU's commitment to offering its journalism students access to the latest technology and forward thinking forays into the digital space might explain why in a time of economic downturn and exponential change in the industry 90% of the school's graduates are employed in industry jobs. Watch Apple's profile on the University of Missouri School of Journalism here to see how student use Apple technology to stay on the 'bleeding edge' of the industry.