Analyzing Not Just Aggregating

August 25, 2009
Yesterday, Slate unveiled The Slatest, a thrice-daily recap of a day's news cycles.The new site is replacing Slate's 'Today's Papers', a once-a-day summary of national news that was one of the Web's first aggregators.
The Slatest joins a group of other web aggregators includingNewser, The Daily Beast and The Stimulist.These sites claim to filter and curate the news - promising the reader that they will only consume the most important news nuggets during their busy day.
Each web aggregator describes their value proposition a bit differently. The Slatest's describes itself as 'The most important news and commentary to read right now,' The Daily Beast offers 'Curated news aggregation,' Newser invites viewers to 'Read less, know more,' and The Stimulist offers 'A daily brief for the (curious) optimist.'
None of these sites analyzes a variety of video and text reports and point out the key differences in reporting. And all of these sites are text based - not offering online video, which is increasingly what Web viewers are looking for. Only analyzes the news, it doesn't just aggregate it.