A Plea from a Busy Parent

May 29, 2009
I just typed "busy parents" into the google machine and it spit out over 32 million results. That's probably a result of our collective guilt and our attempts to compensate for it - or our true desire to find solutions to everyday problems caused by our hectic lifestyles. I am a proud father of two young boys and can relate to people who consider themselves "busy parents." Even still, my guys are still young - I can't imagine what it will be like in a few years when both have basketball practice, homework, music lessons, etc. I often end the day chatting with my wife and watching a little bit of TV - usually some short form comedy like the Office or some kind of sports like the NBA playoffs. Much of the time I end up DELETING stuff I recorded and just don't have the time to watch, even shows I really enjoy like Charlie Rose . I also subscribe to Sports Illustrated. Presently, I have a stack of about 20 issues of SI sitting on my desk... untouched. And I REALLY like reading SI. What does this mean? It means we, as parents, have precious few seconds during the day for information gathering, and sometimes the standard media formats that we love just can't deliver what we need. The long form interview (Charlie Rose) or the magazine (SI) can take up too much time to digest, but will still long for the nuggets we get out of them. I wish there was a way to get someone ELSE to look through the media for me and pull out the nuggets I would have found if I had the time. And to top it off it would be great if that someone would find various opinions and perspectives on the things I want to know about so I do not have to scour the universe. Even better, if they introduced me to media outlets I wasn't familiar with before. Oh, and if they could do it all in video format that I could access on the web and with my mobile device - making it that much more engaging - that would be the be-all end-all for a "busy parent" like me.