A Pearl of 'Twisdom'

September 10, 2009

Everyday there's a deluge of articles about Twitter but I found yesterday's Huffington Post column one of the most relevant to Newsy.

Tom Morris' post 'Twisdom: Twitter Wisdom' explains how Twitter, when done right, enables people to build connections with people all around the world who want to share nuggets of information. Throughthis cyber community, a wealth of insight and perspective is bestowed upon those who participate - something Morris calls 'Twisdom.'

Newsy has been a believer in Twitter from the beginning - we use it as a source for Newsy videos and we check to see the news topics that are trending on Twitterso we can produce videos with multiple perspectives on the topics that people are thinking about.

Twitter has been a great way to drive traffic to the Newsy site - visitors who come to Newsy from Twitter stay for up to 20 minutes. We encourage people to follow @Newsydotcom to learn about the day's videos and other Newsy nuggets - we recently celebrated our 600th follower. And as of this week, you can now follow @NewsyRSS to get Newsy video headlines as soon as they are published.

This week's Newsy video "To Tweet or Not to Tweet, That Is the Question," looks at some of theprofessionalathleteswhoareTweetingandhow sports associations are reacting. Another story this week, 'A Twitter TwOpera,' is about an opera created from Twitter submissions.

So far, Newsy videos about Twitter have been popular but we'd love to hear what you think!