Barbie Is Over The Dream House And Into The White House

July 13, 2016

Who would have thought the first all-female ticket would belong to Barbie? The iconic doll has been released in a special president/vice president version in an effort to rebrand Barbie as a symbol of (literal) girl power.

Mattel partnered with the nonprofit She Should Run to create the set, which comes with a fill-in-the-blank speech for girls to explain what they would do as president. She Should Run works to get more women running for political office and took on this project to encourage young women to consider political futures.  

This isn't Barbie's first time as president, Mattel has been releasing presidential Barbies almost every election year since 1992, but she has never had a running mate. This is also the first presidential Barbie to be available in different races.

Will this new, socially conscious, politically empowered version of Barbie appeal to girls, or was SNL right with the slogan "President Barbie: No fun? Definitely a president"?