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Your Texts Need More GIFs, So Giphy Made A Keyboard App

Giphy Keys wasn't the first keyboard app to insert GIFs into texts, but it's primed to be the most popular.
Your Texts Need More GIFs, So Giphy Made A Keyboard App

"The danger lies in its simplicity. Just find a GIF on Giphy, hold down your finger and paste it wherever you like," a Giphy spokesperson said.

That was the old way to get GIFs into your texts.

Now, Giphy has a keyboard app: Giphy Keys.

It's pretty easy to install the keyboard on iOS.

And the sheer number of GIFs to choose from is astounding.

All those GIFs, plus Giphy's already popular name, spells bad news for other more senior GIF keyboard apps.

Giphy Keys is only on iOS, for now.

This video includes clips from Giphy.

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