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You Won't Be Shopping At H&M On Thanksgiving, Either

H&M joins other major retailers that won't be open on Thanksgiving this year, but some stores, like Target and Macy's, won't close for the holiday.
You Won't Be Shopping At H&M On Thanksgiving, Either

It's a war among stores on Thanksgiving. And H&M is the latest to announce it won't be fighting other retailers for sales.

The fashion chain joins Costco, Sam's Club, GameStop and Petco — to name just a few of the major outlets that won't be open Thanksgiving Day.

And outdoor store REI will also be closed the day after Thanksgiving. You know: Black Friday.

The company is encouraging would-be shoppers to spend quality time outside instead.

If shopping on Turkey Day is your family tradition, stores like Toys R UsTargetMacy's and Sears will still be open.

CNN said the "we're open" or "we're closed" strategies "mirror conflicting trends in the industry."

Although some outlets are closing altogether this year, some stores will be opening right around dinner time, between 5-6 p.m. And other retailers are opening earlier than they ever have.

As for H&M, this is the first time the company has been closed on Thanksgiving.

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