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You'll Cry When You See These Sisters Finally Meet For The First Time

Sisters Karen Hill and Deb Myers finally met Tuesday at the Tampa International Airport. Myers was put up for adoption 50 years ago.
You'll Cry When You See These Sisters Finally Meet For The First Time

"I'm excited to meet her. I just can't wait to meet her," Karen Hill told WFTS.

That was Karen Hill, a Florida woman who only found out a few months ago that she has a younger sister she never knew about. This sister, Deb Myers, had been put up for adoption 50 years prior.

After Myers' closed adoption records were opened last year, she reached out to one of Hill's other siblings on Facebook.

Newsy's partners at WFTS report Hill said she believes her mother's medical condition — she had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis — led to Deb being put up for adoption.

"I was really surprised, but yet I was kind of angry because there were certain people in my family who knew about this and they never told me," Hill said.

But there was no bitterness when Hill and Myers finally met for the first time at the Tampa International Airport on Tuesday.

"Did you ever think when you first started this search that you would actually find them?" a WFTS reporter asked Myers.

"No! No, I didn't! And I did! And now I have sisters. I'm so happy," Myers said.

The two live in different states, but it seems like there will be be plenty more get-togethers as Hill and Myers make up for lost time.

This video includes an image from Getty Images.

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