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Don't Feel Bodoh — We Didn't Know What These Words Meant, Either

The dictionary adds new words and makes updates four times each year.
Don't Feel Bodoh — We Didn't Know What These Words Meant, Either

Clicktivism. YOLO. Fuhgeddaboudit. These are just a few of the newest words in the Oxford English Dictionary. 

You're not bodoh if you don't know what aggrupation means. This is all new — the OED sends out updates every quarter.

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Many of the new words, like lechon, kare-kare and pancit, are traditional foods from around the world. They all sound scrumdiddlyumptious.

Some, like swirlie and uh-oh, have been around for a while but are just now becoming official.

Others, such as grandwean and lolo, describe ages or relationships.

No need to be focking frustrated with all these changes. We don't want you to think of this as clickbait. We're just trying to help you learn something new. 'Merica.

The OED isn't the only dictionary that keeps getting longer. Merriam-Webster added 2,000 new words and senses to its unabridged version in April.