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Woman In Crash Repays Trooper's Kindness, Helps His Ill Son

An officer sent a little boy a gift after a car accident. Now, the boy's mother is trying to help the trooper's ailing son.
Woman In Crash Repays Trooper's Kindness, Helps His Ill Son

A little boy was riding in the car with his mom when they were rear-ended. Thankfully, everyone involved in the accident was OK, but the boy was frightened.

"I was really scared; I was crying. I was crying super bad. ... I would really call him my best friend and a hero," 5-year-old Phaelan Stader told KHQ-TV.

Cpl. Al Ashby with the Idaho State Police sent a care package to that 5-year-old boy not long after.

"They gave me awesome stuff that I love!" Phaelan told KXLY

Awesome stuff that includes a handwritten letter, a coloring book, a police motorcycle toy and a police badge. Now, Phaelan is even considering a career as a police officer.

Ashby has a son of his own, who is very ill.

His son suffers from pediatric congestive heart failure.

Now, Phaelan's mother is trying to get support for the trooper who showed her son so much kindness.