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Woman Finds Unopened WWII Letter, Vows To Return To Family

Sheila Polk bought a book from a Goodwill store, but when she flipped to the back page she got a lot more than she bargained for.

By Jamal Andress | March 6, 2014

A lost message from more than 60 years ago may finally finish its long journey. 

Sheila Polk bought a book from a Plant City, Florida Goodwill but when she flipped to the back page she got a lot more than she bargained for, a little piece of history still unopened. (Via ABC)

"Her life could have been changed from this one letter. They do movies about lost love letters, you know? Who knows what's in here that's she's never seen." (Via WTVT)

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A lost letter written and sent in 1945 from Sgt. Albert C. Alm Jr. to Private First Class Helen Rothurmel, who was stationed in Dallas, Texas. The post office attempted to deliver the letter three different times. (Via Twitter / @ABC)

According to the envelope, Rothuermel was a member of the 555th Women Army Corps at Love Field in Dallas, Texas. The 555th squadron was an all Black, female unit. (Via U.S. Army)

And notice we say "according to the envelope." Even though her friends begged her to, Polk has decided to leave the letter unopened and try to return in to its rightful owner if she is still alive, or find surviving family. She has more willpower than we would.

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