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Winter Weather Likely To Create Thanksgiving Travel Problems

The same storms that have dumped up to 4 feet of snow in parts of the West and Southwest are heading toward the East and Northeast.
Winter Weather Likely To Create Thanksgiving Travel Problems

Heading home for the Thanksgiving holiday? Well, you'll need to be on the lookout for nasty weather all across the U.S.

The same storms that have already dumped up to 4 feet of snow in parts of the West and Southwest are expected to complicate travel plans for the 43 million Americans traveling for Thanksgiving. (Via Fox News)

"A deadly blast of arctic weather is promising to create lots of trouble for millions of travelers hitting the road for the Thanksgiving holiday. Storms already killed eight people in the West, and it's expected to sweep toward the East, bringing with it rain and wind." (Via MSNBC

"It is still evolving. That is the frustrating part of this. We are not sure of the direct impact. We know that whole northeastern corridor is going to be affected." (Via CNN

NBC reports the storm created "near white-out conditions" in parts of New Mexico over the weekend. The storm also dropped more than a foot of snow in parts of Utah and Colorado and caused problems in California and Arizona. 

The storm then moved on to parts of Texas and Oklahoma and is expected to continue on a path through Arkansas and northern Louisiana. The Weather Channel reports after that, the system could pick up strength and hit the eastern and northeastern portions of the country. 

The Weather Channel says snow accumulation in affected areas should be moderate and less than a foot, but it's still likely to cause delays. It could be the most snow many states see throughout this whole winter season.

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