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What Exactly Is Bill Clinton Inc.?

A leaked memo details the intersection of Bill Clinton's charity and his for-profit work.

Election season is almost over, but WikiLeaks is still springing surprises on the Clinton campaign.

The site's latest revelation involves a memo from Doug Band, one of Bill Clinton's former advisers. In it, Band talks about the connections between the Clintons and his consulting firm, Teneo.

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Several of Band's Teneo clients were encouraged to donate to the Clinton Foundation. Band also helped line up paid speeches for Bill Clinton with Teneo partners — an activity he dubbed "Bill Clinton Inc."

None of this appears to be illegal, but it does look like a conflict of interest — and it confirms some negative perceptions about the way the Clinton family leverages its political clout for wealth.

The memo ties into a minor dust-up between Band and Chelsea Clinton, also publicized by WikiLeaks, over conflicts of interest at the Clinton Foundation. When Chelsea Clinton pushed for more transparency at the foundation, Band called her a "spoiled brat."

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The Clinton campaign has been reluctant to confirm the authenticity of any material released by WikiLeaks. But in this instance, Teneo released a statement seemingly confirming the memo's authenticity, saying it "clearly shows that Teneo never received any financial benefit or benefit of any kind" from fundraising for the Clinton Foundation.

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