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Watch Firefighters Rescue Ducklings As An Anxious Mother Duck Waits

New Zealand firefighters rescued ducklings from a cesspit this past weekend.
Watch Firefighters Rescue Ducklings As An Anxious Mother Duck Waits

"One anxious mother," a firefighter said.

Firefighters with New Zealand's Titirangi Volunteer Fire Brigade spent their Saturday morning rescuing a bunch of ducklings from a cesspit while the mother duck anxiously watched.

"Yep, done," a firefighter said.

Ducklings rely heavily on their mother for survival for their first few months of life, as she provides protection and warmth. It takes about 60 days for ducklings to learn how to fly and, therefore, become independent.

The firefighters later delivered the mama duck and her ducklings to a nearby patch of grass, and they went on their way.

local news outlet still had some fun interviewing one of the firefighters involved in the rescue.

"Are you a hero?" a reporter asked.

"No," said firefighter Alex Justice.

"To those ducks, you're a god," the reporter said.

A lot of ducklings were rescued this weekend. A New Jersey police department rescued a set of ducklings from a storm drain just one day after the New Zealand rescue.

This video includes clips from the Titirangi Volunteer Fire Brigade and images from Voorhees Police Department.