Valentine's Day By The (Surprising) Numbers

About 55 percent of Americans will do something to celebrate Valentine's Day and spend an average of $146.84 on their significant others.
Valentine's Day By The (Surprising) Numbers

Did you know roughly 55 percent of Americans will do something to celebrate Valentine's Day? 

Or that those who celebrate will spend an average of $146.84 on the holiday in 2016

Nearly 91 percent of Americans celebrating Valentine's Day will buy something for their significant other. 

50 percent of them will buy their SOs candy (and spend an average of $26.22 on it).

48 percent will buy greeting cards, 36 percent will purchase flowers and 38 percent treat their sweetheart to a night out. 

Speaking of sweethearts — 8 billion Sweethearts will be produced this year. 58 million pounds of chocolate will be purchased Valentine's Day week alone.

Let's not forget about pets, though. Roughly $700 million will be spent on pets nationwide. 

Enjoy your Valentine's Day — however you celebrate it.

This video includes statistics from the National Retail and WalletHub; clips from M&M's and Edible Arrangements; and images from Getty Images, Chris Sloan / CC BY 2.0 and Stewart Butterfield / CC BY 2.0

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