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UK 'Deal Or No Deal' Host Noel Edmonds Stirs Controversy With Tweet

The TV host tweeted about Britain being full, which launched some controversy.
UK 'Deal Or No Deal' Host Noel Edmonds Stirs Controversy With Tweet

English TV host Noel Edmonds isn't afraid of the spotlight. But after a recent tweet, he may have launched himself into some controversy. 

The "Deal or No Deal" host tweeted Wednesday: "Just tried to get somewhere. Allowed loads of time but abandoned journey. Am I alone in feeling Britain is full?" 

Many Twitter users took no time to respond to what they thought was a hit on refugees, and others tweeted pictures of empty countryside. 

But some agreed with Edmonds. One right-wing member of the European Parliament used the tweet to start a conversation about the U.K.'s infrastructure problems.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has said over the next five years, the U.K. will be accepting 20,000 more Syrian refugees. 

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