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Mercy For Animals

Tyson Foods Ends Contract With Pig Farm Over Abuse Video

Tyson Foods has terminated its contract with an Oklahoma pig farm after a video was released of workers abusing the animals.

By Briana Altergott | November 23, 2013

Tyson Foods has terminated its contract with an Oklahoma pig farm after video was released of workers abusing the animals. We want to warn you, the images are disturbing.

The video, released by animal rights group Mercy For Animals, mostly consists of West Coast Farms employees kicking, hitting and throwing pigs. 

The more graphic sections show them gouging pigs' eyes, slamming baby pigs into concrete, and one worker even throws a bowling ball at an animal's head.

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NBC, which had obtained the video, showed it to Tyson Foods, and the company immediately cut ties with the farm.

A spokesperson for Tyson said: "We're extremely disappointed by the mistreatment shown in the video and will not tolerate this kind of animal mishandling. ... [We] will take possession of the animals remaining on the farm." (Via NBC)

The owner of West Coast Farms told the outlet he's already fired the workers seen in the video. (Via KNWA)

But that might not be enough. Mercy For Animals has called for criminal charges to be filed against the farm.

Animal welfare advocate Temple Grandin compared this incident to the infamous Westland/Hallmark abuse. That case forced the largest meat recall in U.S. history and a $500 million settlement.

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