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The Presidential Debates Will Break More Than Just Ratings Records

Twitter is partnering with Bloomberg Media to live-stream the debates.
The Presidential Debates Will Break More Than Just Ratings Records

The debate matchup between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is expected to break ratings records — and now, it'll also make social media history.

Twitter is partnering with Bloomberg Media to live-stream Monday's highly anticipated debate. 

This marks the first time Twitter will live-stream a presidential debate.

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Twitter will also live-stream the two that follow, as well as the vice presidential debate.

The announcement, which was first reported by Mashable, shouldn't come as much of a surprise. 

In July, Twitter and Bloomberg Media announced a partnership to live-stream three of Bloomberg's shows, as well as coverage of financial markets.

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The debates, as well as pre- and post-debate coverage, will stream live on, on Bloomberg Politics' Twitter account and on Twitter Moments. And viewers won't need a Twitter account to watch. 

Live-streaming on social media isn't a new thing. News outlets, campaigns and organizations have live-streamed coverage on Facebook.

A number of news outlets, as well as YouTube and Facebook, will also air and live-stream the debates.

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