Trump Gave Kim Jong-Un Kudos On His Leadership Skills

Donald Trump complimented Kim Jong-Un's leadership in North Korea during a rally in Iowa.
Trump Gave Kim Jong-Un Kudos On His Leadership Skills

Trump gave a shoutout to North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Un, for his strong leadership as a young person.

"I mean, he's like a maniac, OK. And you gotta give him credit," Donald Trump said at the rally.

After North Korea claimed it detonated a hydrogen bomb, Trump suggested China get more involved in North Korea's use of nuclear weapons.

"We have power over China. We just don't know it. Our leaders just don't know it. China has to solve the North Korea problem," Trump told Fox News.

China got a backhanded compliment at the rally, too.

"I love China. ... Their leaders are too smart for our leaders. It's very simple. They're killing us. It's one of the great robberies of all time," Trump said.

This video includes images from Getty Images.

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