Trump And Clinton Are Pretty Much Tied In These 3 Swing States

This is going to be a long six months.
Trump And Clinton Are Pretty Much Tied In These 3 Swing States

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both say they want to face off against each other.

"The nice part is now we're focusing on crooked Hillary Clinton," Trump said.

But a new poll shows they're effectively tied in three swing states.

In Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Trump and Clinton are polling in the same range, according to a survey conducted by Quinnipiac University.

In Pennsylvania and Florida, Clinton beats Trump by just 1 percent, and in Ohio, Trump beats Clinton by 4 percent.

The survey found large divides among voters along fault lines of race, age and gender — Trump does better among older voters, white voters and men, while Clinton is more popular among young voters, women and voters of color.

But when the survey asked about Sen. Bernie Sanders versus Trump, things weren't so close. Sanders beats Trump by at least 2 percentage points in the three swing states.

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