'True Detective': When Mystery Turns To Confusion

Our weekly recap vidcast discusses Ani infiltrating the orgy, Frank and Ray's anticlimactic coffee date and the show's ever-increasing complexity.
'True Detective': When Mystery Turns To Confusion

Ani's dark trip at the orgy. - :57 (Video via HBO / "True Detective")

Out come the knives. - 1:46 

That contract and the overarching conspiracy. - 2:23

Who are the bad guys and how many of them are there? - 2:59

"True Detective": Now with more historical context. - 3:17 (Video via CNN)

Frank and Ray's anticlimactic coffee date. - 3:37

Slowly coming around on Vince Vaughn as "Frank." - 4:15

What's next? Who knows? - 5:05

The confusion problem. - 6:09

Pizzolatto needs to bring it in the last two episodes. - 7:36

The redemption of Paul Woodrugh, aka "Snake." - 7:51 (Video via Konami / "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes")

This week's "Truest Detective." - 8:39

This video includes images from HBO, music from Bensound / CC BY ND 3.0 and a sound effect from Telesik / CC BY 3.0.  

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