'True Detective' Finale: Season 2 Reveals Show's Recipe

Our weekly recap vidcast talks the "True Detective" recipe, Ani's great escape and a (possibly) ghostly guitar player.
'True Detective' Finale: Season 2 Reveals Show's Recipe

The recipe behind a season of "True Detective." - :28 (Video via HBO

Frank's long, lonely walk in the desert. - 2:45

Ray: Going out guns a blazin'. - 5:20

Ani's great escape and her new bundle of joy. - 7:00 

The redemption of that journalist who got the living hell beat out of him in episode 1. - 8:18 

Handing out grades. - 8:56

Is the guitar playing lady a ghost? - 10:00 

The final "Truest Detective" of season 2. There weren't very many options. - 12:15

This video includes images from Getty Images and HBO and music and sounds from Bensound / CC BY 3.0 and Mike Koenig / CC BY 3.0

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